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Live sound

The 30 Anniversary Celebration of Luquan County Foundation

Luquan county, which is one of the minority autonomous counties in China, was founded in Yunnan Province in 1985. On 25th Nov 2015, the 30th anniversary celebration of her foundation was grandly held at the local stadium. AUDIOCENTER provided complete sound system for the celebration show, singing with thousands of attendees at the wonderful night.



They deployed AUDIOCENTER V-HLA15+MKII vertical line array system. On both sides, they respectively hanged 4pcs V-HLA15+MKII loudspeakers to 14 meters for the far field, and 2pcs V-HLA15+MKII loudspeakers to 4.5 meters for the near field. This improves the coverage and sound clarity, and reduces sound reflection effectively. Besides, 6pcs SW218 subwoofers were stacked in different height on each side, which realizes the LF remote transmission, and improves the LF average of front and back field.


With the theme of Unity, Harmony, Progress and Development, the show presented the great changes of Luquan county in the past 30 years. Every attendee enjoyed the performances and sound. They were proud of their hometown.