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AUDIOCENTER V-HLA12+ MKIII / V-HLA15+ MKIII System Experience Day for VIP Customer

On 10th August, AUDIOCENTER received our VIP customers to audio system Experience Day at AUDIOCENTER audio testing base in Guangzhou. The V-HLA12+ MKIII and V-HLA15+ MKIII system played a unique role on the stage.

It is such a wide and extensive venue for demonstrating the V-HLA12+ MKIII / V-HLA15+ MKIII system. Two clusters of 16 cabinets per side of V-HLA12+ MKIII and V-HLA15+ MKIII was suspended to cover venue of 100 meters length, along with 30 cabinets of  SW218 subwoofers in cardioid array placement was deployed.  

With the audio system, a live show from Yao Band brought the VIP customers to a passionate scene.

After the live show, it is the moment for communication and demo from the customers.

In the evening, AUDIOCENTER cocktail party was held for VIP customers. Enjoy themselves.