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Live sound

Crazy for 8 hours! Audiocenter is always with you!

KHANOM FESTIVAL in Thailand, which was held in the beach on June 3rd 2017 in Thailand. This is the second time that Audiocenter sound systems were chosen for this music festival. KHANOM FESTIVAL was held at the same place in July last year. With the great performance, Audiocenter was perceived as the Top 1 choice by the festival organizer.


Since the stage was 18 meters long and 12 meters wide, they adopted 16pcs Audiocenter V-HLA12+MKII vertical line array speakers for each side. The distance between the two clusters was 20 meters apart. They were hanged up to 10 meters high to fulfill the whole sound cover of the PA system. Totally 20pcs Audiocenter SW218 subwoofers were placed in front of the stage.


4pcs Aduiocenter TS12 DSP-controlled loudspeakers were deployed for the front fill. For the stage monitor, 3pcs Audiocenter K-LA28-DSP DSP-controlled line array speakers were respectively installed at the left and right side of the stage as fixed monitor, while 14pcs Audiocenter PF15+ loudspeakers and 4pcs PF12+ loudspeakers were touring placed on the stage ground according to the location of the singers and musicians.


The popular rock bands like STAND BY, POP PONG KUL, FLURE, MIND and BIG ASS gave passionate performance from 5:10pm to 1:00pm for nearly 8 hours. During the crazy hours, Audiocenter is always with 15 thousand people. 


Thanks for the great support from Thailand GOMY ELECTRONICS and Professional Light & Sound! Welcome to join us next year!