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New Arrivals-- Audiocenter SA3 series professional speaker

  SA3 series is Audiocenter latest active DSP-controlled loudspeaker with excellent performance and high quality/price ratio.It is built with BrainCore which analyses and processes the input signal, DSP module and Class D amplifier optimally, improving the audio performance of the system significantly.

   Built-in wireless bluetooth that Cellphone,laptop,etc can be linked to SA3 easily with bluetooth and get the audio output.

   There are three models for SA3 series, including SA312 ,SA315 full range loudspeaker and SA3218 subwoofer.


Perfectly integrated into BrainCore™

  The SA3 series is perfectly integrated into BrainCore™ technology with a powerful DSP processor. Accurate digital processing with the superior Cort™ calibration system and Limita™ processing technology ensures safe and reliable operation.


Built-in bluetooth,enjoy wireless sense

  The built-in wireless Bluetooth chip supports multiple Bluetooth device access, and the transmission is stable and reliable. Switch to audio output playback anytime, anywhere. The sound is truly restored, clean and resistant.


Unique horn design,EQ Adjustable

  The unique horn design makes the high-frequency penetration stronger, the sound is transparent, delicate and soft, and smooth. The frequency response of different frequency bands can be adjusted according to the actual application, and the use is simple.


Advanced Cooling System,Automatic Standby

  The streamline slot radiator with custom open mold is used to increase the contact surface with air, and the heat dissipation efficiency of power amplifier is improved.Rational use of energy conversion that can efficient cooling, energy saving and environmental protection . To save power, the system will enter standby mode automatically if no input signal is found within 15 mins.


Portable design, plug and play

  The compact and  installation friendly design, integrated simple controls in the back panel with hyper connectivity speaker system make it suitable for fixed installation and touring performance. Simplicity and convenience are emphasized during the design process


Class D  amplifier technology, custom unit

   With the use of custom class D power amplifier and switching power supply technology, the equipment has high efficiency, small appearance, good heat dissipation effect and good quality. Using the latest ferrite unit technology, AUDIOCENTER tailors the system unit to ensure high quality audio output and dynamic effects.


Excellent Materials and Unique Physical Acoustics Design

  CNC made housing structure reduces resonance and makes the cabinet stronger. Customized driver, physical acoustics construction design,along with an innovative and compact cabinet build to provide the crisp and transparent sound.


Stylish outlook

  Unique geometric modeling add on the cabinet design of SA3 very stylish and futuristic.The SA3 series is professionally built to  the fixed installation and mobile performance markets. Typical applications include multi-functional meeting room, House of worship , museum, lecture, DJ, stage monitor, performances, wedding ,and other fixed installations and mobile performance venues.