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AUDIOCENTER Powers SEK LOSO Concert @ Chiang Mai

Situated around 700Kms from the capital city of Bangkok, Chiang Mai is the largest and most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand, 25,000 crowds witnessed the recent concert of SEK LOSO in a packed stadium.


LOSO is a unique rock band fronted by singer–guitarist–composer Seksan Sukpimai In 1991, inspired by his favourite artists, including Guns N' Roses and Carabao, he saved up enough to buy an inexpensive guitar, learned some chords and talked his way onto the stage at one of Bangkok's best-known live-music venues at the time, Austin Pub. Within a year, the 17-year-old singer-guitarist was leading the house band, playing covers of Thai rock, indie and pop, as well as Green Day, Nirvana, the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix.

PLS – Professional light and sound based in Bangkok was called up to handle the sound for this huge concert, they (PLS) chose AUDIOCENTER as their preferred P.A for such huge requirements from SEK LOSO tech rider.


PLS deployed AUDIOCENTER’s premium Line array speakers called V-HLA12+, its 2 way bi-amp line array module design for live sound reinforcement, the rig was classic Left and Right cluster of 12 cabinets of V-HLA12+ per side with 1 X 12”Customized Woofer from Faital Pro ,1 X 2.4”Customized Compression driver from Eighteen Sound , 135 dB max SPL  1400 Watts Peak - 770 Watts RMS  and 55 Hz – 20KHz Frequency Response an 90-degree Symmetric directivity output together with a smooth tonal response free of any secondary lobes. With the addition of 16 compatible Audiocenter SW-218 Dual 18" Premium Beyma Neodymium Magnet (D.F.L-Dual Frequency Loading) front loading subwoofers strategically positioned in front of the stage to deliver impressive deep, Punchy bass down to 30Hz. 


The side fills for the stage was deployed with 2 cluster of Audiocenter K-LA28 line array. With each cluster contains 2 units of K-LA28 and a PF-218B+ subwoofer, K-LA28 comprises of a Dual 8-inch Customized Beyma Woofer with Customized 2-inch Beyma High Frequency Compression Driver Performing within the Frequency range of 65Hz-20kHz, the 450W RMS rated design produces a 100-degree with perfect combination of PTV Phase and waveguide technology, Ensures even coverage and achieving optimal sound coverage across the stage area. PF218B+ comprises of double 18-inch customized Audiocenter 4-inch voice coil to further extend low frequency to 35Hz on the stage.


The On-stage monitoring was provided by AUDIOCENTER PF+ series speakers with the combination of both 12” and 15” speaker which is 2-way active/passive crossover full range speaker with 90H X 60V rotatable horn with customized compression driver and Woofer from BEYMA.


Front fills was taken care by AUDIOCENTER TS Series which is DSP Controlled Powered Loud Speaker, 4 cabinets of TS-12 was used as Front Fills. 


The P.A was powered with AUDIOCENTER DA Series amplifiers to match with the speakers for excellent sound quality and coverage, Overall the FOH engineer thoroughly enjoyed the concert and commended the way we had set up the sound system.