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AUDIOCENTER Rocks at PDT Secret Bar in Mumbai

PDT (Please Don’t Tell) is based on the secret bar concept from a New York cocktail bar is now in Mumbai. It’s located in Kamala Mills in Lower Parel and opened in August. It cannot be located easily as there’s no hoarding announcing the Venue. Its origin is the Speak Easy’s of the Prohibition area in early 20th century America and is to give the feel of doing something illegal and Mafia type.


You need to enter a vintage telephone booth through a paan shop and dial 5, to enter Please Don’t Tell – PDT Mumbai. The correct number has to be dialed and you need to pick up the receiver of the phone and speak easy. That is when the host opens the door to the Prohibition Area. Step inside and the ambience of the PDT Mumbai is somewhat similar to that of an area that is being used as a criminal safe house, a very New York restaurant look. Inside, PDT is true to its neighbourhood with an industrial feel featuring exposed pipes and walls, and in general, a sparse landscape. The giant picture of the girl holding a finger to her lips while implying secrecy, but the long bar with bottles placed on shelves that look like half shuttered shop fronts.

Narain Pro Audio has done excellent installation of AUDIOCENTER PF12+ speakers in this venue. Solid CNC cabinet made from original Russian birch plywood in a CNC cabinet design ensures low resonance. The PF12+ is loaded with 12” customized Beyma ferrite drivers with 3 voice coil. The HF is Customized Beyma ferrite drivers with 1 external 1.7 voice coil and the frequency response is 55Hz18KHz. Looking at the size and interior of the venue 4 numbers of PF12+  have done the job of perfect sound around the venue. Every corner of this venue sounds perfect. To drive these speakers, 2 numbers of Class H+ circuit designed VA601 amplifiers by Audiocenter is installed inside the sound booth. Kapil Thirwani of M/s Munro Acoustics said “ I loved the sound on the PF12’s , really open and punchy in the mid end. It was the perfect choice for the Venue”.