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AUDIOCENTER Products Seminar in GuangXi

On the 9th September  afternoon, AUDIOCENTER held products seminar at Guangxi sports center successfully. The theme of the products seminar is “AUDIOCENTER ACCOMPANYING WITH CLASSICS”. More than 100 professional audiences attended the seminar.

On the seminar, AUDIOENTER sales director Leo Xie in China gave a speech on AUDIOCENTER STANDING ON THE SHOULDER OF GIANT, and products manager Nick Weng introduced the sound system K-LA-DSP and K-LA series which are used for the Classic Songs Concert of 16 Year’s Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival.


After that, the audiences experienced the dynamic sound effect by LIVE SHOW from the famous bank and singer. And Black Shark who is one of the most famous tuner in China was invited to tune the sound system. Many audiences showed great interest on AUDIOCENTER products after the LIVE SHOW performance.