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AUDIOCENTER Debuted on the Third Chinese Stage Design Exhibition

The Third Chinese Stage Design Exhibition was expectantly held in Beijing Exhibition Center on 26th-29th Nov, 2015. It has been 12 years since the second Chinese Stage Design Exhibition was held, therefore, it is a historical gathering for stage designer in China. More than 3000 designers’ works displayed on the exhibition. AUDIOCENTER debuted on the stage with her unique multi-channel sound system.


AUDIOCENTER unique multi-channel sound system is consist of 8pcs TS10 loudspeakers flying on three sides trussleft, right, back, 8pcs TS12 loudspeakers laying on the ground below TS10, 23pcs K-LA28-DSP loudspeakers (13pcs  hanging on the front truss and 10pcs laying on the ground below the hanging K-LA28-DSP) , 2pcs K-LA118-DSP subwoofers and 6pcs K-LA218-DSP subwoofers , which make a wonderful surrounding sound. Many audiences were amazing about it. Our sound was attracted by many professionals even famous actor.


On the high-end forum held by China Institute of Stage Design, AUDIOCENTER Domestic Sales Director Leo Xie gave a speech on AUDIOCENTER STANDING ON THE SHOULDER OF GIANT, then AUDIOCENTER Technology Support Manager Long introduced AUDIOCENTER products line.


At the exhibition area of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, AUDIOCENTER TS08 and TS212-SW accompanied the armys works.



On the last day of the show, an award ceremony was grandly held. AUDIOCENTER got an honor on the ceremony. Thanks for those who support AUDIOCENTER.