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Audiocenter in Waziriya Church of South Korea

In order to create a more perfect modern audio atmosphere and let the audience get a more perfect sound experience, Calla Media Company of South Korea replaced the original audio equipment of Waziriya Church in South Korea. After several comparisons, it chose Audiocenter‘s professional audio system solution.

According to the actual situation of the church and the demand for sound reinforcement, Audiocenter recommended 8 units K-LA28 MA/ SP Active Compact Dual 8” full range Line array loudspeakers, 2 units of K-LA118-DSP Active single 18” flyable subwoofers, and 2 units of PF6+MKII Passive Single 6” full range speaker, creating a multi-layered audiovisual experience.

Audiocenter K-LA28MA/SP

Audiocenter PF6+MKII

"Audiocenter K-LA28MA/ SP series professional speakers not only have the advantage of system and price, but also the after-sales service is very perfect. Therefore, we don't hesitate to recommend Audiocenter to the Korean church project!" customer KS Cho said.

 Waziriya Church often has churches and other activities. The stability, cost performance and convenience of the equipment are very high. As an old church, it is very difficult to construct, such as the ceiling is too low and not so well acoustically treated room. Audiocenter’s products solve these problems well. The ultra-convenient installation and system tuning, and professional after-sales service greatly improves work efficiency and the speaker has huge energy output. We have only used 50% of the level to meet the demand." said engineer June Said.

The church was put into use immediately after the renovation. Audiocenter speaker is stable and reliable for a long time. The clear, clean and audible sound is lingering in the church, creating a wonderful and distinctive audio-visual experience for the audience. "This kind of music feeling is completely absent before. It is beyond my imagination. I am totally immersed in my own world. It is really great." The audience expressed that.