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Audiocenter Line Array System @ SJK (C) La Salle Sri Petaling

A big sound system in a school is quite uncommon, but recent times have seen some schools start to upgrade or build bigger halls with proper audio visual systems and acoustics. One such school that has recently almost completed its new hall is SJK(C) La Salle in Sri Petaling. Previously they had a semi-open-air “hall” or assembly area, but with the proper budget from various sources, they have built a new, bigger, and more well-equipped hall.

AV Electronics Marketing had the honour of supplying an Audiocenter line array speaker system and other audio equipment to La Salle through a partner integrator. When we went for a visit, the hall was almost complete, with the contractors putting in the finishing touches. This hall is quite big, being able to fit about 3 badminton courts. Therefore, they needed a proper big audio system to ensure that their assemblies and functions/events had high-quality sound. And an Audiocenter system fit their technical and budget requirements very well. 

Right at the front, above the stage, was the main speaker system. This is an Audiocenter line array system, consisting of 10 units of Audiocenter K-LA28 line array modules, 5 per side, arrayed to cover the length of the hall consistently. At 450W AES and max SPL of 128dB per unit, this system is way more than powerful enough for the hall, so the system has a lot of headroom. With a horizontal dispersion angle of 100degree and vertical arraying, we made sure the sound is not only loud enough if needed but also covers the hall very well.

For the low frequencies, a pair of Audiocenter K-LA218 subs were installed under the stage. Compartments were made under the stage just to house these two subs, so that these big cabinets were hidden. In each of these K-LA218 subs are a pair of 18” drivers with 4” voice coils, and with 1600W AES, churn out more than enough bass with lots of headroom. Together with the top line arrays, the system was able to produce high SPLs all the way to the back with much headroom left.

Powering this line array system and subwoofers were a combined 5 units of Audiocenter Pro12.0 power amplifiers, each with a power output of 1800W x 2 @ 4ohm, above the requirements of the speakers. This made the system very “safe” due to the ample headroom, so that everything runs efficie ntly and audio output is very clear. Because the school does not require such high outputs that the system is capable of, the amplifiers were set at 50% volume for general usage. 

Audiocenter system was the perfect system for La Salle school, as it fits and surpasses all their technical specification and audio quality requirements well within their modest budget in a school and not some high-end venue.