Product Description

Artist commercial audio system solution is Audiocenter’s most innovative design with 20 years R&D and application experiences. Integrated with spatial art, advanced technology and acoustic design, Artist can satisfy most demanding requirements and various applications for both touring performance and fixed installation. 

Artist commercial audio system solution uses BrainCore™ technology (Cort™ correction system and Limita™ processing technology). With the powerful Artist T88D/T88 audio matrix and BrainCore CU, you can make one stop system integration design with the Artist commercial audio system solution. With simple and easy-to-use software, you can call the application mode by the wall panel, laptop and smartphone with one click to achieve wireless and remote control, which is extremely convenient.

Artist commercial audio system solutions cover diverse applications such as fixed installation and touring performances. Meet all kinds of application needs in an all-round way, at the same time, it avoids the tone difference caused by the mismatch of different brand products, ensures the optimal configuration of the system, effectively reduces the total cost of the project, and gives you more advantages in the project operation process.With consistent image and the sound effect, it effectively improves customer satisfaction.

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