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PRO18.0 offers 1700 watts at 8Ω stereo. Each channel works at 2Ω to satisfy all requirements.

PRO18.0 adopts Audiocenter latest Class H+ circuitry to eliminate the Class H cross switching distortion.

PRO18.0 has very clear and clean sound and high damping factor. This makes PRO18.0 suitable for any kind of application, from high power loudspeakers to critical monitoring where very high requirements are mandatory. It can be widely used in fixed installation and touring performance such as bar, nightclub, multi-functional hall, museum, religious venue, commerce site, lecture hall, wedding ceremony, etc.


  • A-Guard Protection System

A-Guard is Audiocenter comprehensive protection system which includes optimized limiter circuit. Unlike other solutions which depend on separate circuits to address different problems, A-Guard was developed as centralized solution where all protection requirements work together in perfect harmony. A-Guard is only applied when it’s necessary to protect the amplifier. This is the reason why PRO amplifiers are able to sustain full power output even under complex capacitive loads.

  • Smart Overheat Management

The smart overheat management of PRO series adopts unique circuitry to monitor the amplifier’s temperature in real time. When the safe operation of the amplifier is compromised, the output power is reduced but not shut down, which ensures the system can work normally in high temperature environment.

  • Class H+ Circuit Design Eliminates Cross Switching Distortion

PRO series adopts Audiocenter latest Class H+ circuit to eliminate the Class H cross switching distortion. The result is the same low distortion as Class AB. All PRO amplifiers have less than 0.05%THD at 16KHz and the sound is so clean and natural.

Core Components


Output power(1kHz, THD+N =1%)

2×1700W@8Ω stereo

2×2500W@4Ω stereo

2×3000W@2Ω stereo

5000W@8Ω bridge

6000W@4Ω bridge

A-Guard Protection System

DC protection,Short circuit protection,Smart overheat management,Overheat protection,Input overload protection,Output overload protection,Soft startup protection,Limiter protection

Working mode



160Hz,-3dB(High Pass)

160Hz,-3dB(Low Pass)

30Hz(Low Cut)



Input Connectors

Female XLR+TRS

Output Connectors

Speakon 4Pin + binding posts

Input Impedance

Balanced 20kΩ / Unbalanced 10kΩ

Maximum input voltage



0.775V / 36dB / 32dB

Frequency Response(1W 8Ω stereo)


Crosstalk(1kHz, Rated power 8Ω,A weighted)


S/N Ratio(1kHz & 8Ω))


Damping Factor (1kHz & 8Ω)


Intermodulation Distortion(60Hz:7kHz=4:1,half power)


THD+N(1kHz,8Ω half power A weighted)


Output Circuitry

Class H+

Power Supply


Power Consumption ((1/8 output power 4Ω)


Rack Space



Back to front venting, mandatory cooling

Dimension (W×H×D)


Net Weight



Class H+ amplifier

PRO18.0 offers 1700 watts at 8Ω stereo. Each channel works at 2Ω to satisfy all requirements.