The 26th China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival

On 13th -16th Sept, the 26th China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival which is the largest scale, the most influential, professional and authoritative film festival in China PR, was grandly held in Hohhot, China. Audiocenter provided sound systems and technical support for the whole film festival.

The most wonderful part of the film festival is the closing ceremony held on 16th Sept. It is also the award ceremony of the 31th China Golden Rooster. As a high-end award feast held in a large stadium, there is extremely high sound requirement for the human voice and performance with dancing and singing.

The stage is oval. It’s 98 meters wide from the most left and right, and 30 meters deep from the front to the back. The distance from the ground to the bottom of riding track in the air is 20 meters. The stage is so large and the distance between the speakers and amplifiers is so far, which are difficult for setting up the sound system. To overcome the difficulties and ensure the sound filed cover everywhere, Audiocenter deployed every speaker after precise measurement and considerations.


Audiocenter V-HLA15+ MKII vertical line array system is deployed as stage PA system. The left and right cluster of 10 cabinets of V-HLA15+ MKII are hanged, which is designed to meet the high demand of the ceremony with outstanding clarity. For the side field system, the line arrays are stacked on the left and right side of the stage in 4 groups of 4 V-HLA15+MKII cabinets per group. For the apron sound system, there come 4 V-HLA15+MKII cabinets and 2 IS+ loudspeakers. 6 IS+ loudspeakers are adopted for stage monitor.

The system engineer for this event was the famous sound engineer in China Mr. Wu Tianjun. With his hard work and Audiocenter excellent sound system, a fantastic audio & visual feast was presented to thousands of audiences.

The Experience