Audiocenter powers 2016 FIE Women’s Epee World Cup (Suzhou)

On 11th -13th Jan, 2016 FIE Women’s Epee World Cup (Suzhou) was held at the stadium of SND CULTURAL&SPORTS CENTER. FIE Women’s Epee World Cup is the highest level in the world Women’s fencing sport events. AUDIOCENTER powers the event in Suzhou with her K-LA28 compact line array system and LUX715C full range loudspeaker.

To meet the sound requirement of the stadium with 25,000 square meters, our engineers deployed 52pcs K-LA28 as the sound system for the audience area, while 8pcs LUX715C for the competition area.

Nearly 6000 audiences and more than 120 athletes from 23 countries witnessed and enjoyed the wonderful competition.

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