Audiocenter Seminar in Thailand

In 2016 ,We Audiocenter has successfully finished our seminar in South Africa, Ghana in the past few months ago. Here now we came to the VERY SPOT-BANGKOK, THAILAND.

Audiocenter seminar has got the support from a general in Thailand who was there to address an opening speech. On 9.14th 2016, we held a exceedingly fantastic seminar in the IMPACT which is the Thailand’s largest exhibition and conference facilities.

Audiocenter exclusive distributor in Thailand – GOMY ELECTRONICS and Its general manager Mr Wei, Just as our motto,-Together,We are stronger. Audiocenter and GOMY ELECTRONICS have kept our business relationship since 2006, Thanks to Mr Wei’s sparing no effort promoting Audiocenter for almost ten years. GOMY ELECTRONICS and Audiocenter have gained very much fame and influence in Thailand market. So on September 14th 2016, GOMY gave it a best shot; Mr Wei had invited more than 500 dealers and customers from over 100 companies. In addition, three super popular rock bands also joined us together and made it definitely like concert /party which also highlighted the whole seminar.

This seminar was totally in the charge of Mr Bung and his technical team which is a super sound system team in Thailand. For this event , We used Audiocenter flagship product V-HLA12+MKII (16 cabinets each side, total 32 cabinets) & SW218 (total 24 cabinets) & VIN16 (6 units ,High-end multi-channel power amplifier with TD circuit design),with the cooperation with the three superb rock band , Audiocenter had already impressed everyone on the live show.

AUDIOCENTER’s premium Line array speakers called V-HLA12+MKII, its 2 way bi-amp line array module design for live sound reinforcement, the rig was classic Left and Right cluster of 16 cabinets of V-HLA12+MKII per side with 1 X 12”Customized Woofer from Faital Pro ,1 X 2.84”Customized Compression driver from Beyma , 135 dB max SPL 1400 Watts Peak – 700 Watts RMS and 54 Hz – 20 kHz Frequency Response an 90-degree Symmetric directivity output together with a smooth tonal response free of any secondary lobes. With the addition of 24 compatible Audiocenter SW-218 Dual 18″ Premium Beyma Neodymium Magnet (D.F.L-Dual Frequency Loading) front loading subwoofers strategically positioned in front of the stage in a End Fire Configuration to deliver impressive deep, Punchy bass down to 30Hz and for minimizing the unnecessary low frequency spill on the stage.

The side fills for the stage was deployed with 2 cluster of Audiocenter K-LA28-DSP line array. With each cluster contains 3 units of K-LA28-DSP and a K-LA218-DSP subwoofer, K-LA28DSP comprises of a Dual 8-inch Customized Beyma Woofer with Customized 1.75” Beyma High Frequency Compression Driver Performing within the Frequency range of 65Hz-20kHz, the 1600 Watts amplifier module from PASCAL, Denmark produces a 100-degree with perfect combination of PTV Phase and waveguide technology, Ensures even coverage and achieving optimal sound coverage across the stage area. K-LA218-DSP comprises of double 18-inch customized Audiocenter 4-inch voice coil to further extend low frequency to 35Hz on the stage powered with Class D Amplifier module from PASCAL, Denmark.

The On-stage monitoring and Front Fills was taken care by AUDIOCENTER’s TS series speakers with the combination of both 12” and 15” speaker which is 2-way Active DSP controlled with 90H X 60V rotatable horn with customized compression driver and Woofer from BEYMA.

Audiocenter sales & marketing director Markus (from Germany) and Product Application Engineer Roshan Malim were still there as well to ensure that Audiocenter seminar to be perfect. Makus gave a brand presentation to impress all customers a better understanding about Audiocenter brand & Its position & Product line & all popular products and progress we have made all over the world; Roshan Malim was there to explain all the technical stuffs about our products to let them know how to make full use of Audiocenter.

Together we are stronger.

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