Malaysia Calvary City Church installed Audiocenter K-LA28 system

Calvary City Church Taman Tan Sri Yaacob Jobor Bharu seeking an expansion of its current worship premise, has become the first church in Malaysia to install Audiocenter K-LA28 line array. From a small shoplot based church, it currently expanded to a 8000 square feet sized worship space. With this in mind, the church need an adaptable, even coverage, high intelligibility, spoken word clarity and band performance power system to be housed into the new premise.

It was during the demonstration, the pastor and its committee members greatly attracted to the audio quality and the value of the Audiocenter brand and product brings to the church. 2 clusters of 4 units of K-LA28 are deployed as LR configuration to cover the entire hall of 40 meters in length. 2 units PF218B+ subwoofer are concealed underneath of the stage as the low frequency reinforcement.

On 23rd April 2017, Calvary City Church held an “New Church Building Dedication Service”. Besides celebrating the new premise, it is also a milestone of the Calvary City Church from its humble beginning till now, a church without roof, without wall and reaching out to the society. The church pastor, Rev. Y. K. Chong, is extremely proud of the new premise and the audio system. In describing on the audio system “The system perform to all of my expectation. The message by the church leaders was clean and clear, the band performance was superb and most importantly there is no hiccup during the entire event. Everything goes perfectly.”

The K-LA28 system was proposed by distributor of Audiocenter in Malaysia, AV Electronics Marketing Sdn Bhd. The distributor also acted as audio consultant for the whole project. The technical team of K.L Chia, J.C Lai and Eric Chee with numerous big projects consultation under their belt are working on the Ease Focus simulation, SMART 8 tuning and fine tuning by ears respectively. The technical team is extremely pleased the end result as it turns out to be the predicted performance.

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